Hi, I'm Lindsey. 22. Wonderfully wandering alone. Tolkien lover. 4th year Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology major.

Customer of the evening: has tear in sugar bag but continues to walk through entire store.

Literally spent half my shift on hands and knees cleaning up that shit with all 4 of the other courtesy clerks.

Runner up: “the spill is back there” lady who seemed to think I was lost while sweeping the sugar by the checkstand. Thanks, ma’am. Definitely not standing over a pile of sugar right now. Definitely not aware by the 5 intercom calls for me that there are sugar spills in every single department.

There’s an asshole who likes to drive up our street at top speed on his motorcycle. Every night. He has done this since I was 13 or 14.

Almost 9 years later.

Guess what? He still does it.

First day off in a while tomorrow. I actually get to sleep in. I’m not sure my body remembers how.

And then I will get up and move into the new apartment.

Probably lots of procrastinating on unpacking selfies to be expected.